Thursday, 12 January 2012

Travel Photography (Part 1)

If you've checked out my website ( you may have noticed some of my images are from obviously far flung corners of the globe. i thought i'd post a brief summary of some of my travel highlights here over the next few days to give some insight into the trips behind the images. 

So first on the cards..... Ethiopia.

In 2005 i completed the first descent of the Belchillo River using inflatable rafts in the Ethiopian highlands. This very remote river flows into the Blue Nile which we went on to descend all the way to the border of Sudan. The trip was organised by the infamous explorer John Blashford-Snell, a true character and inspiration for many adventures i've had since. In the typical style of Blashford-Snells' expeditions there was adventure, drama and excitement at every turn. While we were there we were taken hostage by bandits, people fell ill with malaria and we descended some truly terrifying rapids. To add to this the country fell into political chaos when the government arrested the entire opposition party and the military took over control of the capital. 

This was my first trip that i had gone on with the intention of documenting. i had bought a new digital SLR and had high hopes for getting my travel photography off the ground. However... day 3 i dropped my new camera which unsurprisingly stopped working. 
Travel photography lesson 1: Carry a backup even if it is a compact.

Fortunately i was able to borrow another guys Canon 20D so managed to get plenty of pictures..... until i lost the memory card. 
Travel photography lesson 2: Always backup you images!

All in all quite the adventure, too much to write about here but until i get round to putting the book together, here are a few photos from the trip.

Next stop will be Mongolia... check back in few days for the next instalment. You can also sign up to the blog to be notified when I've posted an update.

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